Tum Pai History Archive Project


ATTENTION Tum Pai Black Belt hive mind !!

Sifu Nick Lemire and I (Sifu Kirk Farnsworth) have created the first ever repository of Tum Pai history, and we would like YOU to participate!
By you we mean everyone….every Black Belt. We really feel that this is a way to bring ALL of Tum Pai together in one place. So, if you, your school, or your teacher don’t actively participate in the events or organization as a whole, it doesn’t matter to us. We really want to document YOUR history also. Because ultimately you are an important part of effort to keep Tum Pai alive. We want to document the diversity and development of Tum Pai. Every single person, and every single memory is important.

We are asking you to dig through your closets, boxes, and albums to find the missing and hidden history! The goal is to have a permanent home for all of the photos, documents, and videos related to our branch of the Kajukenbo art so that we can all enjoy and learn from it.
Once you find them, you can email them to archivetumpai@gmail.com for inclusion into the archive. We will not be altering your submissions in any way, also we do not want the original copies. (Mainly because we don’t want to lose them or get them confused with others.) . Those belong to you. We would like electronic copies only if we can. The archive is being stored using Google Drive. It is cloud-based storage, so it can never be lost.

There are a few rules for items to be included.
1)  We are looking for mainly Tum Pai related information.
Promotions, school events, campouts, tournaments, certificates, seminars, teaching materials, written notes. Anything you would like to share. We are not selective about the material as long as it is Tum Pai related.
2)  NO photos showing questionable behavior. (Drinking, drug abuse, sexual content, etc.)
3)  Video will be posted only with the written permission of the person who is the main focus of the video. (Written permission can include an email from that person.)

To gain access to the archive, you will need two things:
1)  You must be a past or present Student Black or above IN Tum Pai. (Right now that is NOT negotiable. If you are not in the family tree, Please don’t ask.)
2)  You need a Gmail address. Don’t have one? You can make one for free. (Nick and I can even make one for you, if you need help.)
After you have created a Gmail account, use it to email us at archivetumpai@gmail.com, and we will set you up!

Please help us preserve the history of Tum Pai for the future.
Thank you,
Sifu Kirk & Sifu Nick

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